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See how these five business owners are redefining community

Build your business success around something that you love – something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you.
– Martha Stewart

It’s not the moment that matters, until it is. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is more than just starting a business or inventing a breakthrough product or service; it is a gift. In that moment – when an idea becomes the catalyst for a venture, the venture becomes action, and the action becomes reality – the entrepreneur is not afraid. Equipped with vision, resiliency, creativity and leadership, the entrepreneur is the one who sees opportunities where others see obstacles, embraces challenges when others turn away and, above all else, is not afraid to fail.

Sculpting futures. Crafting destinies. Nurturing communities. In the grand tapestry of human pursuits, the women on the following pages of our cover story are fostering a culture of collaboration – one where individuals and communities can come together to exchange ideas, support one another and collectively strive toward common goals.

Their stories are the cornerstone of community building, strategically building bonds of trust and solidarity that fortify the social infrastructure and enrich the lives of everyone they meet.
–  Stories by Michael J. Pallerino

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