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Decatur Living is a lifestyle publication rooted in Decatur with an Atlanta scope.

Article topics range from local community events in Decatur to the latest home interior design trends in Midtown.

Our motto says it all ̶ “Big City Style. Small Town Charm.” We hope that our magazine and website reflect the vast culture, diversity, talent, and charm that Atlanta offers its intown residents and visitors.



Natalie Gregory

Natalie Gregory is a long-time resident and real estate agent in Decatur, a place where she, her husband, and two daughters truly experience big city style and small town charm. Natalie founded Decatur Living as an outlet for showcasing the style and charm of the Decatur community and small business owners. Since its founding, the magazine has grown to highlight the greater Atlanta area as well. Natalie loves supporting her Intown community—whether through sponsoring a local battle of the bands concert or a tour of homes. She encourages everyone to explore Intown living and love local!

feature writer

vanessa pascale rust

Vanessa Pascale Rust is a contributing writer for Decatur Living. The former editor-n-chief of Miami Living Magazine is a prolific interviewer-writer with 200+ sit-down interviews under her belt. Vanessa has gone téte-d-téte with a myriad of venerable movie and TV stars, musicians, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and artists to create in-depth profiles and cover stories, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Harry Connick Jr., Meghan Markle, and Chef Daniel Boulud. Through the written word, Vanessa inspires, entertains, and uncovers the magic in every story she tells. Her editorial undertakings, which focus on arts & entertainment, the hospitality industry, fashion, and culture, have been published in magazines across the nation as well as on various websites.

Creative Director

Brent Cashman

Brent started his company, BOC design, Inc., in 2004 as a freelance art director, graphic designer and illustrator. For over twenty years he has created innovative print designs, through publications, corporate branding/marketing, advertisement campaigns, trade shows and product designs. He also specializes in illustration, photo retouching and conceptual art and fine art paintings. He has won many awards for his work, including the Platinum Hermes Award. Originally from Janesville, WI, Brent has made Georgia his home since 1995, with his wife Stephaine and son Aidan.


Denise James

Denise James is a native of South Carolina and has a Master of Arts degree from the College of Charleston. She has written and edited for publications throughout the southeast. In her spare time, she enjoys road trips, cooking, baking and making kissy
faces at wild animals in hopes she can tame them.

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