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The Path Forward

Why Finders Keepers’ Lee Ann Harris believes in
following your heart

Lee Ann Harris remembers being out of her comfort zone. After 17 years of working at BNY Mellon, she lost her job in a corporate downsizing decision. Not really knowing what her next move would be, it wasn’t until a conversation with the then owner of Finders Keepers Consignments that the path forward became clear.


Meet 5 Business Owners Redefining Our Community

Check out our latest issue to get a glimpse into the new us, as we introduce you to some of the people, places and events leading the way.

Our Inner Us

Their stories are our stories. That’s one of the messages we wanted to convey when we selected the people who would grace the cover of this issue. We wanted business owners and entrepreneurs who were not only committed to the products and services they offer, but also who were making a difference in the community.

I don’t mind saying we nailed it. Benedicte, Diane, Mandy, Lisa, and Kate represent everyone and everything that makes Decatur what it is. They are custodians of the collective experiences, triumphs, and ambitions that our community stands for.

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Natalie Gregory

Publisher, Decatur Living