Not Your Grandma’s Anti-Aging Treatment

A nurse’s guide to medical spa options on trend in 2022

IN AN AGE OF RAPID ADVANCEMENT in medical treatments, it’s easy to turn to crowd-sourcing to stay in the know. That’s why we took a deeper dive with a nurse anesthetist practicing at a local medical spa, where anti-aging and skin-improvement treatments are offered in a spa-like setting (think non-surgical body contouring, scar revision, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening). We spoke to Lauren Runnels who practices at Decatur’s AYA Medical Spa about the treatment options available and their expected results.

What treatment do you recommend to those who simply want to look fresh by improving the texture of their face and getting rid of fine lines?
Microneedling is such a great treatment for this. It increases collagen and elastin production which strengthens the skin and improves tone and texture. There is very little downtime, and it’s generally safe and effective for everyone.

What are the popular treatments/services that many are interested in right now?
People will always love their neuromodulators, such as Botox. It’s a pretty quick and convenient way of looking more refreshed with very little pain or downtime. Not only is it effective at softening facial wrinkles, but neuromodulators can also treat excessive sweating, migraines, TMJ pain and acne. It’s such an easy treatment and appropriate for pretty much everyone.

What is your advice for those who are looking into getting facial fillers for the first time?
Please do not think all fillers will make you look “filled.” The goal is to restore volume loss and enhance the natural structure of the face. Strategically placed filler can accomplish these things while being undetectable.

As a professional, what treatments do you swear by and/or use yourself?
I get my quarterly Botox, and I have loved the results I got after just one MOXI laser treatment. MOXI is a laser that reverses natural signs of sun damage and aging, corrects uneven pigmentation and improves the overall texture and tone of skin in under 30 minutes.

Which services are you most excited about?
I love PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Platelets are full of growth factors that can stimulate tissue regeneration and wound healing and increase cell turnover. We get these platelets from your own blood and then inject it. It’s an amazing treatment for dark circles under the eyes and hair loss. It can also be paired with micro needling to enhance the results.

What should people look for in a medi-spa provider?
One of the things I love about AYA is that there is an injector and an esthetician in house together. Use us both. We offer complimentary consultations and a lot of our treatments work synergistically and can take your results to the next level.

Lauren Runnels, CRNA, is a nurse anesthetist who spent years in the operating room administering anesthesia to adults. She began her nursing career in 2006 and obtained a Master’s of Nursing at Louisiana State University. She is now a provider at Decatur AYA. For more information, go to

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