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Amber Eye Candy

Give your home a taste of this on-trend color

WHILE THE SEMI-PRECIOUS gemstone amber is actually a fossilized resin from trees, the color amber is fresh and alive in home design. The love of amber has a rich history dating all the way back to Greeks and Romans. Amber became a hot commodity in trade routes during the Age of Exploration, at one point even being called the “gold of the North.” The stunning hue naturally made its way to home interiors, most notably in Russia’s Catharina Palace where even the panels of the wall were made of real amber.



We caught up with interior design experts Lisa Turner and Wallace Bryan, owners of Trinity Mercantile & Design for some modern inspiration.

“Adding amber into your home doesn’t necessarily mean a new sofa or rug, but that works,” advised Lisa. “You can also use pillows that have the color in a print or solid; lamps, artwork, objects on a mantle or bookcase or a throw for the sofa. But with smaller items try adding in more than one place to get the impact of this warm cozy color.”

Other suggestions for committing to amber from the design duo: You may have more golden tones in your home than you realize, and by bringing them into a room together you can enjoy the impact.

Even if you do not have golden tones in your current space, choosing to paint a wall or the whole room works. Amber tones pair well with many other colors.

For more information visit Trinity Mercantile & Design Co. at 116 E. Trinity Place, Decatur, GA. They can also be reached at or 404.378.0197.