Karin Slaughter

Local resident Karin Slaughter will present her novel Pieces of Her. She is an internationally best-selling author as well as a dedicated philanthropist. Her fund, Save the Libraries, has raised more than $300,000 with more than $150,000 directly benefitting the DeKalb Library Foundation. In 2016 she hosted a concert with The Indigo Girls. All profits benefitted the fund. In March of this year, Slaughter held a Facebook Live Fundraiser at the Decatur Library, which raised more than $16,000 for the DeKalb library system.





The Power of a Local Book Club

One of the best ways to connect to your community is to look for or start a book club. In the Lamont-Vidal neighborhood, one book club started in 2004 with several new mothers looking to engage with other adults. The group still meets nearly every month with many of the original members as well as new voices who have joined over the years.

Co-founder Angie Witz recalls that the initial group brainstormed a set of ground rules, such as meeting frequency, size and food and beverage plans. Having a few rules “allowed everyone to have similar expectations about participating.” Over the years, the group has read a variety of books which have been chronicled by member Beth Burmester. In addition, the women have planned outings to movies based on books they read, attended plays and enjoyed visits by local author Lynn Cullen after the group read her books Twain’s End and Mrs. Poe. Most recently, the book club read Joshilyn Jackson’s The Almost Sisters. Members plan to attend her talk at the Decatur Book Festival to learn more about the characters and plot of the story.

Another co-founder, Jill Fossett, reflects on the group’s longevity. “Of course we socialize when we meet, but we always talk about the book. And discussing a book with a group of women helps you get to know each other in ways you might not otherwise,” she said.

More than likely you have a neighbor in a book club, or can find one through the DeKalb County Public Library, which offers numerous book clubs at its various library locations, or at Little Shop of Stories bookstore, which hosts book clubs for both children and adults.

The AJC Decatur Book Festival takes place at the Decatur Square on Labor Day weekend, August 31 to September 2. Check out the full schedule at www.decaturbookfestival.com.