DEF works with local businesses like ColorWheel and Little Shop of Stories to coordinate group activities for the mentor pairs. Decatur Makers sponsored a group project in which the mentees and their mentors constructed kites. After testing out her newly constructed kite, Micayla exclaimed, “This was the best day!” When Guerrieri reminded her that she made that same declaration the previous week, Micayla responded, “Pretty much every day we get to spend with our mentors is a great day.”

The OP participants have found an added bonus to the program. Guerrieri explains, “The Opportunity Partnership is so much more than just connecting kids with opportunities – it’s connecting us as a community, and that’s the real impact.”

With such a positive response from participating families, DEF expects more kids to enroll, which means increased need for local adult mentors. Do you want to be a part of an initiative that impacts a local student and unites our community?


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by Erin Murphy