Seasons of Change

Now is the time to prepare for life’s winter and new possibilities

AS THE LITERAL season moves through autumn to winter, there is an expectation of joy and happiness. For some, however, the holiday season is difficult. Often it is the memory of family members no longer here, the thoughts of their contagious laughter and warm hearts can be bittersweet.

Loss is not the only change some will experience this season. In fact, every season can bring change. It is human nature to question, struggle with and even fear change. Some stay in relationships too long, whether they be personal or work, making excuses for people’s behavior or trying to save them.

As difficult as change might be, it brings new beginnings and opportunities for growth. Seasons are nature’s constant reminder of the circle of life. We tend to generalize the seasons in a cycle that can be reflective of our own experiences. Spring is full of hope and renewal. Summer is time of celebration and reward. Fall is a preparation for things to come. Finally, winter is a time of reflection on the past and hope for the future. Personal seasons of change are not always in accordance with the actual season on the calendar.

Currently, Gibbs Law is in a season of spring as with two new members who have joined the firm: Stephenie Dufford, Esquire, as a partner and Alicia Saunders as a paralegal. The end of one year and beginning of another is the perfect time to reflect on changes that have occurred or may be coming. Some of the falls and winters of life can be prepared for or have a load lightened with legal support and services. Taking the time to act now can make way for much to rejoice about in life’s springs and summers.