Refresh Your Look

Decatur Welcomes its First Medical Spa

PROXIMITY TO EMORY UNIVERSITY and Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control, the Decatur area is no stranger to local access to state-of-the-art medical and health options and advice. As the field of cosmetic medicine continues to evolve, so are the choices for treatment with the addition of the city’s first Medical Spa.

Refresh Your Look

AYA Medical Spa opened the doors to its newest location on Ponce de Leon to fill a need they see in serving patients in this part of the metro Atlanta area. Under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon, the local staff is trained to provide a large selection of the most in-demand cosmetic treatments and deliver a healthy skin experience to their patients.

Local provider, Lauren Runnels said AYA utilizes her formal training in nursing and prior work as a nurse anesthetist (CRNA). “In anesthesia, I was very detail-oriented and outcome based,” she explained. “I’m happy to have found a place to utilize my advanced practice training and also be able to build relationships with patients, something I was missing in anesthesia.”

Runnels describes the providers and staff at the Decatur location like a family. “We’re super community based and constantly learning new techniques to make us even better at what we do.”

Lauren Runnels indoor There is a collaborative spirit to the care offered in working with their patients toward their goals. “We cater to each person that comes in, and we are encouraged to schedule the time we need to provide a consultative experience,” she said, adding that there is no pressure to see more patients in less time, a common concern in the industry.

AYA offers a full menu of medically-focused skin care services including cosmetic injectable treatments, skin tightening, laser treatments, chemical peels, etc.

“Injectables have been really taboo in the past,” Runnels said. “People come in and are nervous they’ll walk out looking frozen or like plastic. I tell my patients, ‘I want you to look like you, but refreshed.’”

Improvements to the skin is just one benefit of the work and expertise Runnels says AYA provides. There’s a sense of empowerment by making decisions about their body

Not all skin care goals can be achieved in the medical spa setting, according to Runnels. This is why it’s important to find a provider who will be frank and transparent, and isn’t incentivized to push extra treatments someone may not want or need. “It’s about helping you look good to yourself and improve the things that are important to you,” she said.

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