Pack your bags

Three secrets to fantastic summer travel

by Calder Lamb

DEEP IN THE winter months it’s common to find yourself looking out the window and imagining a warm blue sky or drawn to the images of crystal-clear water and soft-as-sugar beaches. In reality lies the Atlanta winter, somewhere between icy and damp cold. As you sway in an imaginary hammock between palm trees you realize your body is trying to tell you something. It’s time to plan a summer vacation. In today’s world of almost limitless options, travel planning can be so overwhelming. From a travel planning expert, here are the secrets tested over time to finding the happy trails that lead to vacations from which you never want to return home.

Travel S.Q.S. avoids travel S.O.S

Becky Lamb Travel has been in the business of planning excellent vacations for more than 25 years. We have found there are three aspects to planning great trips regardless of where you want to go. We call it the S.Q.S. method, which stands for “seamless, quality and support.” By following S.Q.S. you can avoid having a travel S.O.S.

The secret to seamless

Seamless travel means simply traveling without stress. There are several factors that contribute to travel stress, and it usually begins as early as planning. The overwhelm of developing an itinerary and arranging all the logistics can cause even the most frequent of fliers to freeze.

Some travelers choose to invest significant amounts of time to research options and stay organized with checklists. Even then, a constant tug of not feeling prepared can put a damper on an expensive trip. Finding a knowledgeable travel advisor can be just the ticket for arranging seamless itineraries that get the trip off on the right, perfectly-prepared foot.

Quality time starts with quality choices

Selecting quality travel choices is essential to having a great vacation experience. Quality is easy to find in your home town, but harder to find in a place you’ve never been before.
When you work with a trusted advisor to plan your travels, your precious time is safe knowing the choices for hotels and travel guides have been vetted for your family. Their deep network has been developed over years of travel to create a track record you can rely on. Often, they will have access to savings on planes, hotels or tours that aren’t available to the public.

Support is underrated

The final secret ingredient for great travel is always having support. Support and informed advice is helpful throughout the entire travel process. Much like the rest of life, occasionally things go awry while you are traveling. During these times our clients find having a travel advisor in their corner extremely helpful. It’s not just about having an advisor, but about their extensive partners “on the ground” in all locations who can make a difference at the most important time.
By providing travel advice for the past 25 years, we’ve made great friends and even better memories. Wherever summer takes you, travel in S.Q.S.

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