Home for the Howlidays

THE HOLIDAYS ARE a time for connecting with family and either escaping the cold on beautiful beaches or embracing it wholeheartedly by chasing snow. Either way, your pet might get left behind. That doesn’t have to ruin their holiday fun. Here are some home away from home options for that fur baby:

Wag Atlanta!

Wag Atlanta is the perfect place to give your pup a luxurious, comfortable staycation while you’re away. Dogs get 3-6 hours of social time per day, then retreat to quiet time in their luxury suite. Wag Atlanta has traditional boarding, their village of Luxury Suites are a way to give your pet the perfect gift and a place to stay. You can also gift your dog a spa day with services from a paw soother to massage. Worried about separating siblings? Wag Atlanta has a discount for multiple animals, and a large suite perfect for dog families, so your pup can still be with family

Camp Kitty!

Your cat can stay with felines of its kind, no pups allowed at Camp Kitty. They’ll get to watch a DVD of birds and lizards and fish to keep them happy and entertained throughout the day. Social cats can go out and explore while introverted cats can just hang out and get personal attention from the workers whe they want it. Camp Kitty cares about your cat’s needs, so they accommodate all different lifestyles in their cabins. Most will stay in vertical cabins with four floors to play on, but there are large cabins for families and singlefloor condos for senior cats and kittens.

Decatur’s Top Dog

Photographer Leesia Teh partnered with Decatur Living to bring to life our pick of the pets of Decatur for the issue. Cooper is a Rough Collie who claims Michele and David Hicks as his people. Even this pup loves to shop and Found Co. is one of his top hangout spots in Decatur.

How did he come to be part of your family?
We have friends that live in Decatur that have a Rough Collie named Beau. We got Cooper from the same breeder. Cooper and Beau hang out weekly and are best friends.

What’s his favorite treat?
Pizza crust

How would you describe his personality?
Focused, protective, and friendly

What’s his favorite “guilty pleasure?”
Barking at the mini garbage trucks

What do you love most about having Cooper in your life?
We call him our ‘third child.” Our kids joke that Cooper’s our favorite. He’s just the right amount of active and the perfect amount of chill.

Leesia Teh studied photojournalism at the University of Georgia and has been photographing animals for over 12 years. Her work has appeared in various national and international calendars, magazines and books. All (100 percent) of her photography proceeds go to Meow or Never, a local cat rescue she founded in 2017.