Company’s Coming!

How to Get Your Guest Room Ready.

The holidays are fast approaching—that time of year when we welcome overnight guests into our homes. Whether you have a designated guest room or a room that occasionally functions as a guest room, these timely tips from Decatur’s top interior designers, Lisa Turner and Wallace Bryan of Trinity Mercantile and Design will ensure your guests feel comfortable and pampered.

Inviting and Relaxing

Lisa suggests you may want to spend the night or at least lie on the bed in the guest room to better evaluate the room’s appearance, comfort and functionality. “First, make sure the room is super clean, and invest in great bed linens. Ideally each person should have their own bedside lamp. If there is not an empty closet, at least provide some hanging space and a few empty hangers. If possible, offer guests a selection of bed pillows, soft or firm, but keep decorative pillows to a minimum—people don’t know where to put them while they are sleeping.”

Provide a great set of bath towels for each guest, Wallace says. “If you place the towels in the room, your guests won’t need to look for them. A small basket of extra razors, soaps and other toiletries in the bathroom with a little note ‘In case you forgot!’ will be appreciated. Be sure and let them know if they are sharing a bathroom so there won’t be any surprises.”


Details, Details

Make sure the window treatments provide sufficient privacy. Light-blocking curtains are ideal, and not sharing bedtime with neighbors is a minimum requirement. “Check to make sure the doors shut properly and latch—this is sometimes a problem with older homes like we have in Decatur,” explains Lisa.

“Make sure the bedroom has at least one chair, a place your guests can retreat when they want to turn in for the evening or just relax for a few minutes. An old fashioned luggage rack can be very helpful. Write your guests a welcoming note that includes some practical information—like the Wi-Fi password and TV remote directions,” Wallace advises.



Five-Star Treatment

“Spruce up the room with a vase of fresh flowers or a festive holiday arrangement, add a plush robe and slippers, and they won’t want to leave. Your guests will also appreciate bottled water (or water glass and decanter), magazines, books to read, and a local map along with information on local points of interest. One of our favorite hosts has a decanter of brandy and small glasses for a nightcap,” Wallace says.

“The attention to detail will make anyone feel welcome, and first-time guests who don’t know the ropes will feel at ease” adds Lisa.




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by Lorrie Bryan